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Note: I will be using this post like a scratchpad. Check back for updates - once I am finished I will break out into multiple, organized posts.

I just don't post much anymore.


I'm doing a system conversion of Windows, not a particularly hard procedure, but I thought I'd document my procedure/findings.

I'm basically aiming to reboot windows clean every couple months or so (keep things clean and working well), however I have a large number or installs/setup to do every time, so this has been a pain in the past.

I think also by doing this it may make things easier for people in the future who need to setup a system clean.

I will post more details later, however the basic strategy goes like so:

Move all (large) files to external/internal secondary hard drive.
Run as much stuff off this secondary drive as possible.
Slipstream windows updates into install image.
Reinstall every couple months.

Steam makes this pretty simple for games - you can simply move your entire folder over to your new drive, and run steam again - it should find all your installed games for you.

However, I'm in the process of trying this out at the moment, so I will update once I have more specific instructions and/or success.

Basic Plan:

  1. Backup to drive - mostly done
  2. Slipstream ISO - done but didn't work?
  3. Install & update - done
  4. Reinstall/check programs - done
  5. Script to help with most of this - not started


One of the best tools when doing a migration are the ones which tell you where all your space is, so you can plan accordingly. I prefer SpaceSniffer, which can be found here:


  Move, two junction points
  Issues with reloading profile/cookies/etc.
  Need to point icon at \Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe from %programfiles%


  web installer (for 9)
  old versions?


Problem points:
- AppData
  Easy to backup, hard to 'put back'
- User docs & location
  Easy to move, how to point to another directory by default?
- Program Files
  Horrible name, horrible location - Registry hack to move
- Steam
  Install to off drive area
- Development
  Large, bulky tools, difficult to re-install
  ISOs, chocolatey
- Browser data
  Most of it lives in AppData, nice to just move by default
- User defaults & Settings
  Registry export?
- Large folders with thousands of small files
  Simple but difficult to effectively backup


Installing Windows, etc.


Preparing images


Putting files in the right place(s).

Notes, Caveats, Bugs

Problems, hiccups, shortcomings

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